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The CFA is the BFA Eastern Region association of fencing clubs in Cambridgeshire whose purpose is to promote fencing in Cambridgeshire.

In addition to running our own League, Eastern Region and County Competitions, we also host a number of invitation competitions as well as the Cambridge Winter Tournament.

For full information see Clubs page.

Currently affiliated clubs are:

  • Cambridgeshire FC. (The Cambridge City adult club)

  • Huntingdonshire FC. (Salle at St Neots for all ages including younger fencers)

  • Cambridge Sword. This is a club run for youth fencers run by professional coach Pierre Harper.

  • Dragon Fencing Club.

  • This is a club run for youth fencers run by coach Alan West at Hardwick Community Primary School Cambridgeshire.

  • Safron Walden Swords.

  • Saturday morning club for ages 5 to adult.

  • Bury St Edmunds FC. This is an out of region club but affiliated to us as we are their closest organisation.


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