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The Cambridge Winter Tournament
Sat 5th & Sun 6th January 2008

(Last Updated 14/1/08)

The Cambridgeshire Fencing Association is pleased to announce the results of the Cambridge Winter Tournament 2008.

NOTE: Womens Foil Results adjusted after appeal 13/1/08 to reinstate a fencer who abandoned a fight due to injury  incorrectly classed as having "scratched". The Mens Foil result is also amended.

Some contributed high resolution images thanks to Alex Green.

CWT 2008 Overview:

The Competition is an adult six weapon BFA registered Open and includes Mens Foil, Womens Foil, Mens Epee, Womens Epee, Mens Sabre and Womens Sabre. There is no provision (yet) for a junior competition though the competition is a nominated WF cadet B competition. All those indicating that status on their entry form may be eligible for ranking points (and just possibly a prize for the highest placed cadet).


  • Venue opens at 8:30am on both days.
  • SATURDAY: ME check-in closes 9:30am.
  • SATURDAY: WE check-in closes 11:30am.
  • SUNDAY: MF check-in closes 9:30am.
  • SUNDAY: WF check-in closes 11:30am.
  • SUNDAY: MS/WS check-in closes 12:30pm.
  • Full BFA/FIE membership is required to be demonstrated on the day both for insurance purposes and BFA regulations.
  • Food and other refreshments will be available on the day.

The entry fee is 15.00 per weapon (or 20 for late entries strictly at the organiser's discretion). Late entries are those postmarked after 24/12/06.

CWT Competition Format:

It is all weapons will have 1 or (ideally) 2 rounds of pools followed by a DE with no one eliminated from the pools.
Please note that we do reserve the right to modify the format in the light of the entry size and conditions on the day.


Comberton Village College, Comberton, Cambridge CB3 7DU.


Downloadable Forms:

An entry form is available for download in pdf format.

Other Information:

Please email for other enquiries.

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